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Risk analyzing + recommendations (as well investing process). Determine (among other things): probably maximum lost of property damage (PML-PD), probably maximum loss of business interruption (PML-BI), probably maximum loss of third-party liability (for example: environmental damage, responsibility for product)... Hazards: fire, fire-arson, flood, burglary, hailstorm, storms, whirlwind, lightning, volcanism, nature of subsoil, earthquake, collapse (incl. snow loading), landslide / avalanche, riot, civil commotion, sabotage, terrorism, vandalism, vicinity to airports... PML calculation can be done according to Munich standards or different.


After fire analyses carry out in team with scientific workers participation (determination of the origin and cause of fire - fire investigation). This study is done according to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standard.


Desktop risk analyzing in relation to received data and our knowledge. The serve is used in a lot of corporation and is executed usually by internal departments of risk management. Carrying out on place survey not always has reason; additionally advantage of this way (desktop - in office) risk assessment is short time obtainment of result. Probably therefore the serve has large popularity.


Expertise in subject area of choose adequate company insurance protection (optimal scope of cover). Correct insurance protection is one of significant thing important in business activity. We can define optimal scope of cover for Your activity and our salary isn't related with price for insurance fee.


Advise in scope of technical solutions having on aim safety level improvement, by uses the best of available technology.


Training for risk engineers and underwriters adjusted to character of the work and concrete subject. To prepare professional training in technical subject is necessary a lot of valuable time; let us to do this for You.


Training for company management in safety scope adjusted to company profile and concrete subject. To prepare professional training in safety scope adjusted to company profile and concrete subject is necessary a lot of valuable time; let us to do this for You.


Fire safety instruction (sometime defines as fire safety technology - process instruction), concerning concrete technological process. This study is obligatory (in simplification) according to polish fire safety law for building or fire zone that cubature is larger then 1000 m3 or there exist explosive hazard.


Explosion's prevention and protection, explosion's hazard evaluation. This study (explosion's hazard evaluation) is obligatory according to polish fire safety law for activity (technical process) with use or store material which (its dusts, fibers, vapors) can caused explosive mixture with air.


Fire safety improves of production process. On the basis of our knowledge and with participation of specialists we can tray to optimize fire safety of Your business activity.


Legal analyze of agreement with fire safety law (as well project). We can check if business activity, building or project is fully compatibles with polish fire safety law.


Safety procedure elaborates in case of probable hazards (implementation of procedures and practical training organization).


Legal advice in Polish fire safety law. Fire safety law is spacious and difficult for person from behind of this branch. We can prepare law interpretation in scope important for You.  


Survey carries out in fire safety scope ended by report. We can carry out survey in this scope of every property where this subject is important for You.


Evacuation training organize (plan of procedures). This training is obligatory according to polish low and we have a lot experience in this area.

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