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Company was created by Engineer, graduate Fire Safety Faculty in The Main School of Fire Service. The title give authorization for realization wide range services described in Law from 6 may 2005r., Law of Fire Protection article 4, paragraph 2, point 2a (Polish Journal of Law Number 100 position 835). He also graduates advanced course for persons applying about second degree license of property protection in this of range of technical centre of objects protection.

Part of significant experience he purchased working as risk engineer in insurance company, which it has over hundred-year traditions in difficult industrial insurances. In Company activity is used broad experience from risk analysis carry out in over hundred production factory in Poland. The analyses in majority were preceded by survey. Rests of the analysis were based on so called desktop estimate obtained information from client. The clients usually were investors, insurance company, insurance broker or local authorities.

Company owner worked on position Chief of Control, Prophylactic and Monitoring Fire Safety Department in one of the biggest industrial factory in Poland. Service contain firm from capital group and outside company (paint shop and stamping press - one of the biggest in Europe, welding shop, waste water treatment, car's seat factory, high bay racking warehouse, tools production plant, cars recycling plant, casting house, the biggest cars service/workshop in Poland, plastic elements production plant, foamed polyurethane production plant, cars showrooms, gastronomy objects, schools, hotels, administrative/office buildings and another).

Also he worked in hi-tech innovative company leading elaborate, scientific research and implementation new technology in environment and fire protection scope. The company execute fire simulation in scale 1:1 (on site was conducted with success a lot of simulation in aim to obtainment of opinion FM-Global - leading world insurance company). But the most important reference is cooperation in particularly complicated challenge with scientists from The Main School of Fire Service and different scientific institutions.

Lech Forowicz

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